The 47-acre Mt. Mitchell Sanctuary is located three miles south of Wamego and is jointly managed with the Mt. Mitchell Prairie Guards.

This property, a National Heritage Site, was an important destination along the Underground Railroad. This property was a gift from the Kansas Historical Society to Audubon of Kansas, who has since taken over responsibilities of managing the prairie and enhancing the property for wildlife habitat. Our team is dedicated to preserving the importance of history and the natural wonders of the flint hills. Activities held at this sanctuary include: member events, native plant tours, scout/group tours, presentations on geology and history of Mt Mitchell, and more. We graciously welcome any gifts to support the management and improvements of this sanctuary.

This sanctuary is open to the public– please feel free to explore this sanctuary on your own or with friends. If you would like a guided tour of the sanctuary, please contact us. Trail map on-site. No facilities.

“South of Wamego across the flat floodplain of the Kaw River and short glacial moraine abruptly rise a series of bluffs that tower two to three hundred feet above the plain and continue then south as part of the Flint Hills. Closest to the highway and one of the tallest is an imposing bluff called Mt. Mitchell, named after William Mitchell who was a leader of the Beecher Bible and Rifle Colony and Captain of its militia. They took part in some of the pre-Civil War action known as “Bleeding Kansas.” On top of the mount is a limestone monument honoring Mitchell and the Colony. The land originally owned by the Mitchell family was given to the Kansas Historical Society. With legislative approval, title to the land was passed to Audubon of Kansas, Inc. AOK manages this spectacular prairie remnant in partnership with the “Mt. Mitchell Prairie Guards” a group dedicated to keeping local history alive.”
–Bob McElroy (Prairie Wings 2011, pg 39-40)