Local Musicians Find Refuge at AOK Legacy Sanctuary

Posted Sunday August 9, 2020

During the hottest days of summer, McDowell Creek has been a refuge.   Local musicians, looking for a safe outdoor space to get together, came to Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge to play and sing next to (and in some cases in!) McDowell Creek:  

Local musicians jam while dusk falls on McDowell Creek, July 30, 2020.


But these Homo sapiens aren't the only singers on the creek.   Dickcissels sing constantly, sometimes from the electrical wire above the creek.  Here a male Dickcissels belts out his song, accompanied by flowing water:


You can hear the Dickcissels singing as these American Goldfinches come to drink.  But the goldfinches also sing, sometimes from the same wire:



It would be a first for Bird Runner if expert birders are right.  They think this singer in a tree by the creek is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak:


All musicians at the creek in July are accompanied by the original percussionists, chorusing frogs!   Here Blanchard's Cricket Frogs lay down quite a beat:


It's the season of songs!   Let's store up the music to last us when the blustery winds of winter are the sounds we hear instead.  

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