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Whooping Cranes - A Poem

Posted Monday October 21, 2019
Elizabeth Schultz has captured the awe one experiences when seeing a whooping crane. She wrote this poem following last year's Celebration of Cranes.  Here it is, set to music and photos. ... Read More ...

Ron Klataske receives President's Award from the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA)

Posted Friday September 13, 2019
 Ron Klataske, the Executive Director of Audubon of Kansas Inc. (AOK), received an award from the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) this week. The “President’s Award” was presented to Klataske for conservation successes achieved in Kansas, Nebraska and the central Great Plains during the past 50 years. During the past half century, he has spearheaded conservation campaigns while representing the National Audubon Society from ... Read More ...

AOK Featured in Kansas City Star: Advocacy for Water, Streams & Wetlands

Posted Thursday August 22, 2019
Trump administration’s Waters of the United States rule removes critical protection from streams and wetlands vital for drinking water and wildlife ... Read More ...

Wetlands and Streams in the Great Plains Threatened by Proposed Rule: Your Voice May Help Save Them

Posted Thursday August 22, 2019
The EPA and Corps of Engineers recently held the one and only public hearing on a Proposed Rule that, if adopted, will redefine “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) in a way that will eliminate regulatory protection for most wetlands in the Great Plains and many thousands of miles of streams, including most tributaries that flow into larger streams and rivers. ... Read More ...

Concerning the Administration’s proposed rewriting of the Clean Water Act

Posted Thursday April 4, 2019
In responding to the Administration’s proposed rewriting of the Clean Water Act, it is important to consider the original intention and language of the Clean Water Act as passed in 1972, together with the subsequent history of revisions and interpretations attempting to clarify the meaning of that language, and to supply language more precisely in accord with that original intent. ... Read More ...

Thinking about “Nature”: Two Ways of Seeing the World and Our Place in It

Posted Thursday October 4, 2018
An attempt to provide a foundation in philosophic argument for the advocacy positions taken by Audubon of Kansas on issues ranging from the preservation of endangered species and the control of non-native invasive plants and animals, to the championing of clean air and water, saving our heritage of wetlands and prairies, and teaching and practicing ecologically sound farming and ranching practices. Read More ...

Prairie Song: Seeking Harmony in Our Relation to the Land

Posted Thursday October 4, 2018
“To see and know a place, is a contemplative act. It means emptyingour minds and letting what is there, in all its multiplicity and endless variety, come in." - Gretel Ehrlich ... Read More ...
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