Combating Old World Bluestems and Other Invasive Plants

Invasive Old World Bluestem Along Kansas Roadside.
Photo by Ron Klataske

The Tallgrass Prairies of the Flint Hills and native species in other grassland regions in Kansas could be largely eliminated in a few decades. Audubon of Kansas has been and will continue to be a leading advocate for recognition of the threats posed by invasive grasses to native grasslands (rangelands and prairies) and to wet meadow and wetland habitats, and will continue to push agencies on the need for systematic control of these uniquely destructive stealth invaders. The spread of Old World Bluestems (OWB), specifically Caucasian bluestem (Bothriochloa bladhii) and Yellow bluestem (B. ischaemum), are an immediate and dramatically expanding threat in Kansas. These invasive plantsare also beginning to advance into southern Nebraska.

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