Conservation Campaigns and Advocacy

Black-footed Ferret © Ron Klataske.jpg

Black-footed Ferrets

Recovery of Black-footed Ferrets on Private Ranchland

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Whooping Cranes Kaw River © Ron Klataske.jpg


Conserving Sandhill and Whooping Cranes

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Plowing of Prairie © Ron Klataske.jpg

Farm bill

Enhancing Farm Bill Conservation Programs 

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OWB © Ron Klataske.jpg

Invasive plants

Combating Old World Bluestems and Other Invasive Plants

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Lesser Prairie-chicken by Bob Gress.jpg

Prairie chickens

Conserving Prairie Chickens and their Habitat

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Conservation Easement in Flint Hills © Ron Klataske.jpg

Prairie protection

Promoting Prairie Protection and Conservation Easements 

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Quivira NWR © Ryan Klataske.jpg

quivira's water rights

Restoring Senior Water Rights to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

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Roadside wildflowers © Ron Klataske.jpg

roadside management

Advocating for Ecologically (and Financially) Responsible Roadside Management 

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Flint Hills Aerial © Ron Klataske.jpg

Flint hills

Protecting the Flint Hills

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Ferruginous Hawk © Ron Klataske.jpg

Legislative threats

Fighting Legislative Threats to Nongame and Endangered Species

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Prairie Dogs © Ron Klataske.jpg

Prairie dogs

Conserving Black-tailed Prairie Dogs and Associated Wildlife

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Wildflowers at Niobrara Sanctuary © Ron Klataske.jpg

Pollinator habitat

Protecting and Establishing Native Pollinator Habitat

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Arkansas River © Ron Klataske.jpg

Streams and rivers

Conserving Rivers and Streams

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Music on Niobrara Sanctuary © Ryan Klataske.jpg


Building an Archipelago of Sanctuaries 

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Smoky Hills Wind © Ron Klataske.jpg

Wind power

Promoting Wind Power Siting in Non-Native Prairie Landscapes 

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