Legacy Sanctuaries

Legacy Sanctuaries are properties that have been left to AOK by the owners in their wills.   Currently, there are three such sanctuaries in the pipeline.

Gary and Carolyn Haden of Manhattan

(285 acres along Clarks Creek in Morris County)

We cherish the wildlife and majestic bur oaks along Clarks Creek on land that has been in Carolyn’s family since the late 1850s. Our land includes woodlands, native prairie, meadow and never-plowed rangeland. We have constructed a streamside nature trail as a labor of love. We also cherish the native prairie meadow that has never been plowed, and the native rangeland pasture. We want to share that love of the land. By donating our land to Audubon of Kansas, we can take a huge step in assuring our property will be available in perpetuity for others to enjoy long after we are gone. ”

Margy Stewart & Ron Young Bird Runner Ranch & Wildlife Refuge

(320-acre native prairie preserve in the Flint Hills of Geary County)

We are leaving our land to AOK, along with a portion of our savings, because AOK shares our commitment to wildlife and the tallgrass prairie. AOK also believes as we do that nature opportunities should be available to the surrounding community. We want our land to be not only a home for wildlife but a haven for human beings! We have loved hosting wildflower walks, star-gazings, and meteor-watch parties. Some of our best times have come from watching kids from Junction City’s Boys & Girls Club play in our creek! We two are blessed to spend our last years surrounded by the amazing plants and animals of the tallgrass prairie and the dynamism of their interactions. Every day we learn something new! We want others, of all ages and ethnicities, to have such wondrous experiences, long after we are gone. And we want the wildlife and prairie we love to thrive, forever and ever. ” 

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