Cricket Frogs Chorusing and Doing the "Leg Display"

Posted Monday June 15, 2020

Northern Cricket Frogs are among the tiniest vertebrates on earth--but they have a big voice!   If you go near a stream or pond in late spring, you may hear what sounds like the clacking of castanets.   That's a chorus of Cricket Frogs, vocalizing loudly, announcing that the breeding season is underway.  Here is one tiny chorister raising his voice.  Note that his vocal sac is almost as big as he is!


When facing each other, Cricket Frogs also do a "leg display"--extending first one hind leg and then the other.  Here is one such display, caught on a camera phone:


Kansas State researcher Eva Horne found that it's mostly male frogs that do this display--the reason for which is not quite clear!

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