Recovery of Black-footed Ferrets on Private Ranchland

Black-footed Ferret by Ron Klataske

Prior to the partnership initiative of Audubon of Kansas and several incredible landowners leading to reintroduction of Black-footed Ferrets (BFFs) in 2007, the last authenticated record of this native mammal in Kansas was in the 1950s. Bringing Black-footed Ferrets home to the shortgrass prairie of western Kansas was a hard-fought battle against entities that would rather the species became extinct. The success on the Haverfield/Barnhardt/Blank Ranch Complex has also been a testimonial to the undeterred conservation ethic of several families and their partnership with committed citizens who support restoration and protection of imperiled wildlife, and dedicated employees of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The Logan County Commission and an anti-conservation organization continue to try to undermine the BFF recovery program and impose prairie dog eradication on landowners in the county.


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